The Loggerhead Coffee Co range of beans, ground to perfection for your brewing pleasure.

There is nothing quite like fresh coffee beans in Sydney that you can now grind and enjoy at home rather than paying for an expensive cup at your favourite café every morning. Replicate the taste with our variety of roasted coffee beans; here are some of the grounds you can expect to find at our shop:

Ethiopian coffee beans - Our Worka Chalbesa is made from pulped cherries that are then soaked for 48 hours to ferment, after which they’re transferred to a soaking tank and dried to reach 10.5% moisture. It works well for filtered coffee or espresso.

Costa Rican coffee beans - Finca La Casas is from the Geisha variety and is an award-winning coffee made by a family who applies environmental management during their growing process. You can enjoy fruit, floral and clean flavours from these beans.

Some of the other beans you can find if you’re looking for a honey, cola and plum taste is Peru coffee beans, or opt for the organic Honduras coffee beans in pods for your coffee machine.

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There’s nothing quite like fresh coffee beans at home instead of paying for an expensive cup at a cafe. Order your coffee beans online and relax while we deliver high quality coffee beans roasted fresh in Sydney to your doorstep.

We offer a variety of single origin coffee beans - Ethiopian coffee beans, costa rican coffee beans, Peru coffee beans, Honduras coffee beans, just to name few! Our top picks are: Worka Chalbesa - Ethiopian coffee beans. Located in the southern part of the country this region produces some of the best fruity and sweeter coffees and has impressive tasting notes, think floral, sweet chocolate, and fruity notes of mango, pineapple, and lime.

Finca La Casas - Costa Rican Coffee Beans. Finca La Casas is a geisha variety, and is an award-winning coffee made by a family who takes great pride in the environmental management of their farms. This coffee packs a flavour punch of jasmine tea, lychees, and peaches - it might be the best coffee you ever have! We also provide coffee steep bags and Nespresso compatible coffee pods as well as home brewing equipment - so get browsing and then get brewing!