Our tried and tested selection of home brewing equipment.. we only recommend the best!

The recent pandemic brought about a growth in home coffee machine ownership, with more Australians enjoying the café taste in the comfort of their home.

While coffee pod machines are convenient and increasingly popular, you'll need a little more patience and a pour-over coffeemaker for an authentically brewed cuppa. This essential aficionado equipment includes a coffee dripper. This cone-shaped accessory extracts flavour while filtering water through the grounds.

So, why not try our clever coffee dripper or origami dripper for an even better home brew?

Hot Coffee

The clever dripper is a free-standing, one-cup filter offering a patented valve to independently control all your brewing variables for a genuinely personalised coffee experience.

In addition, our origami dripper is practical and beautiful, made from prestigious Japanese Mino porcelain. We've worked out the perfect dripping and blooming time, with the 20-rib design creating air channels that keep the process streamlined and clog-free.

The origami is available in three colours and two sizes.

Cold Coffee

If cold coffee is more your thing, then rely on our cold brew coffee bottle for the best chilled coffee wherever you plan to enjoy it – at home, in the car, at the park, or the office. It's also perfect for travelling.

The 750ml Cold Brew in a Bottle with its perfectly fitted silicone lid is safe, heat-proof, shatter-proof, and spill-proof.