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 The TACO is 2 of 3 of our range from the Santuario Project. This coffee is less wild than the Purple and Red honey in flavor and is smooth like a cuppa tea, it also has a fermentation method that is unlike any other.

The TACO cherries are rinsed and sorted in floatation tanks, this is to help them relax and separate the good and bad. They’re then moved to fermentation tanks where aerobic fermentation occurs over 24hrs. After soaking the cherries are moved to a plastic tarp and are rolled up at a density of 450kg of cherry per 30 meters, this is where the name ‘TACO’ comes from, they’re then left to ferment for 72hrs. This process creates a controlled semi-anaerobic environment to promote extra fermentation. Finally, the cherries are removed and placed on raised beds in a controlled temperature and humidity environment for 22 days until they reach the optimum moisture content of 10.5%.

MEXICO - TACO Natural Roll
CO-OP - Ixhuatlán
REGION - Vera Cruz
PROCESS - Natural Roll “TACO” process
VARIETAL - Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE - 1450 masl

Black Cherry, Hibiscus, Peach Iced Tea

Espresso 22g in 44g out in 27-30 sec
Filter 1g coffee: 17g water