Lucio was planting different vegetable crops before his neighbours recommended he switch to coffee. Through a bank loan Lucio first acquired the farm, and was able to pay this off through his income earned from the coffee production. Lucio works on the farm with his wife and believes in fertilising his plants well making them stronger, healthier and ready to fight off diseases such as Roya. This coffee has wonderful body is nougat sweet with notes pear and brown sugar.

Producer: Lucio Florencio Delgado Romo
Region: Guaitarilla, Nariño
Process: Washed
Varietal: Castillo
Altitude: 1800 masl

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, cocoa, pear, nougat, currant

Brewing Suggestions

Espresso 22g in  44g out in 27-30 sec
Filter 1g coffee : 17g water