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  • Kirasa | Burundi
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Kirasa | Burundi

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This is the second time we’ve purchased from the AKAWA Project in Burundi and the quality has gone up another level this year. A cleaner, sweeter, and more pronounced flavour profile means the coffee has scored higher and the price per kilo has justifiably increased. Validation that the vision of the Akawa Project is coming to fruition - to break the cycle of poverty for coffee farmers in Burundi by giving them the knowledge and assistance to produce high-scoring specialty coffee.

Mill manager Emile Ndikumasabo and head Agronomist Anne-Marie have been producing natural fertiliser from discarded coffee pulp, creating a pit, and burying the pulp to naturally ferment. The ferment is used in the nursery to fertilise seedlings which are then given to farmers in the group to renovate their crop which is typically grown under the shade of banana trees. Fascinating coffee landscape in Burundi at the moment and we are stoked and grateful for all the hard work and progress happening at Origin.

REGION - Kirasa, Akawa Project
COUNTRY - Burundi
ALTITUDE - 1100 masl
VARIETAL - Bourbon 

Tasting notes:
Blackcurrant, Nutmeg, Lime Acidity

Brewing Suggestions:
Espresso 22g in 44g out in 27-30 sec
Filter 1g coffee: 17g water