by Tobin Ventham



Simple to use, delivers delicious brews, easy to clean & travels well

Water 250g at 94oC

Coffee Dose 15g course ground

Brew Time 2 mins

1. Fix plunger into the chamber so the rubber seal lines up with the top of the number 4. Stand the Delterpress upside down with the hexagonal end facing up

2. Place a filter paper into the black diffuser disk and rinse with hot water

3. Place ground coffee into the chamber.  Start the timer and bloom the coffee for 30 seconds with 30g hot water. Then pour the remaining water over the wet coffee grounds. Use the paddle to agitate lightly and then lock the disk and filter and brew for another 90 seconds.

4. Carefully flip the Delterpress upside down onto your mug and press the plunger down until all water has be expelled.

5. Discard the used coffee grinds and filter paper. Rinse and dry

This is just a guide. Once you get the technique down experiment with the coffee dose and grind size to highlight different characteristics of the coffee. We provide suggested recipes with each of our coffees based on our roast profile.