With a passion for sourcing, roasting, and sharing high-quality coffee, Loggerhead Coffee Co. aims to build a community of like-minded individuals and support the longevity of the coffee industry.

It all began with a neighboured cafe, 212 Blu in Newtown, and the original blend 'Welcome to the Jungle’.

From there Loggerhead grew adding more cafes, bars, and coffees to their repertoire, and building a loyal community along the way.

Founded in Sydney in 2016, we draw inspiration from the spirit of community, adventure, competition, and fun inherent in Longboard surf events of the 90s and early 00s.

We take pride in selecting and roasting ethically sourced quality coffee that highlights the unique characteristics of each origin, staying connected to the culture and people behind the beans. Ethical trading and fair pay for farmers are our core values, which Is why we only work with brokers we trust and admire.

To our long-time supporters, thank you, and to those who have just joined, welcome!

We've only just begun!