Made of Mino porcelain, one of Japan’s most prestigious potteries, the Origami Dripper is a colourful and striking brew method that delivers a deliciously light cup to highlight the individual tasting notes of each Single Origin.​ The product design team worked out an ideal blooming/dripping time and the shape that makes it possible - the 20 ribs creates air channels and keeps the brewing process smooth and clog-free, giving you greater control over the dripping speed. A beautiful brew method for our beautiful coffee. 



  • 250g water just off the boil
  • 15g Loggerhead Single Origin pre-ground to filter
  • Origami Dripper
  • Origami Filter Paper


  1. Stack Origami Dripper on favourite drinking vessel and set filter paper in place.
  2. Wet filter paper down completely and discard water.
  3. Dump 15g Loggerhead Single Origin coffee grind into filter, set a stopwatch timer and get ready to pour.
  4. Start the timer and pour approximately 30g water (just off the boil) ensuring all grinds are wet. Bloom grinds for 30 seconds.
  5. Gently pour 100g water in circular motion to evenly distribute the grind. Rest for 30 seconds.
  6. Gently pour remaining 120g water in circular motion to evenly distribute the grinds. Rest for the final 30 seconds (60 seconds for a stronger brew).
  7. Remove Origami Dripper from cup before all the water has drained through the filter.
  8. Rinse your brewing equipment and ENJOY! 


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