• Banko Chelchelle | Ethiopia
  • Banko Chelchelle | Ethiopia
  • Banko Chelchelle | Ethiopia

Banko Chelchelle | Ethiopia

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Located in the southern part of Ethiopia this region produces some beautifully sweet and fruity coffees.

Hand-picked coffee cherries are taken directly from farms to coffee processing sites for sorting out under-ripe, overripe, and defective cherries with the best cherries remaining for pulping using a locally made processing machine called Agard. Immediately after pulping, coffee is soaked under water for 48 hours to undergo wet fermentation.  When the mucilage is completely removed, the clean parchment coffee is transferred to a soaking tank and stays there underwater briefly (2-4 hours). The coffee is then dried on raised beds under shade for 10 days till it reaches 10.5% moisture content.

A great balance of Maple Syrup sweetness and Lemon Zest acidity this coffee is juicy and floral and works well as espresso and filter.

REGION - Gedeb Woreda Yirgacheffe
PROCESS - Washed
VARIETAL - Heirloom
ALTITUDE - 2000-2200 masl

Tasting notes:
Lemon Zest Acidity, Maple Syrup Sweetness

Brewing suggestions: 
22g in 44g out in 27-30 sec
Filter 1g coffee: 17g water